Research Administration – Testimonials


“I enrolled in the Certificate in Research Administration Program to gain a better understanding of how the different departments in a research institution work together. Having only two years of experience as a Research Officer, I knew there would be a lot for me to learn. I can say I was absolutely right, and I’m even finding myself reading about subjects I thought I was familiar with and discovering there was still a lot I didn’t know or didn’t understand properly”.
Macarena Pampillo

“The courses that I have taken so far in the Research Administration Certificate program have been very interesting and exceedingly useful. Through discussions with my peers in the program, I have learned so much about the topic areas as well as how common issues are handled at other institutions. The instructors have been really well organized, engaged, and responsive to suggestions. I have also very much appreciated the involvement of international students in the program. They have brought a different and interesting perspective to the discussion topics. Overall, I am very happy with the way the program is organized, the course content and relevant assignments, the instructors, and the Mohawk College elearn platform.”
Jacqueline Dockray

“Excellent course, practical content and instructors are very knowledgeable & quick to respond to any questions.”
Toni Tidy

“The Research Administration program offered through CARA/Mohawk College is a wonderful learning opportunity for both new and existing administrators in the profession. Research is unique, complex and always evolving. This program offers administrators the knowledge needed to understand all aspects of research administration from both the pre award and post award side. The online aspects of this course has been beneficial in providing flexibility in time management. As a working mom, I found this valuable to be able to listen to lectures and read the material when it best suited my schedule. In the short time frame I have been enrolled in the program, I already have gained a greater understanding of the challenges and complexities institutions face in the research environment. I look forward to learning more throughout the duration of the courses.
Simonette Wood

“Taking part in the Certificate in Research Administration has already been a great help in my current role. The applied nature of the assignments allow me to use them in my daily work, and relate my work to the course material. In addition, the coursework provides the opportunity to explore all areas of research and aspects of research administration, which I hope will be a resource for future career opportunities.”
Theodore Konya

“Research Administration Certificate program is an excellent match to my interest, as I am interested in a career in research development. The course contents are highly valuable in terms of building upon my expertise. Furthermore, this program provides a platform to communicate and share knowledge and experience with the professionals in diverse institutions in Canada, a fantastic opportunity to learn from each other. This program is doing wonders to me – I commit to contribute to the CARA community and wish success of the program.”
Sanjukta Choudhury

“I enrolled in the Research Administration Certificate Program to increase the depth and breadth of my knowledge in research administration. I have been very pleased with the program so far.  The instructors are very knowledgeable, the course assignments are relevant and practical, the readings build on the lecture material, and the discussions not only encourage you to think about processes and procedures from different perspectives, but also provide a great opportunity to share and connect with colleagues across Canada and around the world.”
Nicole Balliet